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Blissful, beautiful, romantic, unique: at Oasis we believe your wedding reception should shine as brilliantly as your love. That’s why we offer so many choices, and help you select the ideal venue, the perfect menu, and the big gestures and tiny touches that make your dream celebration an amazing reality.

Seaside Celebrations

The sound of the waves, the kiss of the breeze, the tropical sunbeams: every natural element comes together in harmony to witness the union you share. Isn’t it romantic? We think so! And we’re prepared to make sure your seaside ceremony is an affair to remember.

Poolside Party

Endless elegance—that’s the atmosphere at your poolside Oasis reception. An opulent dream of sparkling lights reflected in gently rippling water. Your event is a perfect pairing of glamor and romance.

Terrace Affair

Imagine a party that unfolds across one of our stunning tropical terraces. There’s no backdrop more romantic for your reception and for celebrating your love with friends and family. Picture-perfect and an event they will remember forever.

Arena Banquet

When soulmates marry it’s a very big deal—and a gala wedding banquet in the Oasis Arena is a great way to make it even bigger! This venue can accommodate large weddings and is located at the sister resorts of The Pyramid at Grand Cancun and Grand Oasis Cancun.

Reserved Restaurants

Our restaurants are among the finest in all Cancun—and we offer such variety it’s easy to find the one that’s ideal for any wedding celebration. Imagine the colorful Maria Bonita bar and stage, completely transformed for your event; Careyes with it's panoramic views of the sand and sea; or even top ranked Benazuza, a molecular gastronomy delight: spectacular! Click on a property below to view what each one has to offer.

  • The Sian Ka'an at Grand Tulum & Grand Oasis Tulum
    Location Event Pax
    Grand Side Area Wedding Ceremony 200
    Grand Side Area Wedding Cocktails 200
    Grand Side Area Wedding Dinner 200
    Café Del Mar (Outdoor Terrace) Cocktail 120
    Café Del Mar (Inside) Dinner 120
    Careyes (Inside) Dinner 60
    Careyes (Outdoor Terrace) Dinner 20
    Al Sur (Inside) Dinner 60
    Al Sur (Outdoor Terrace) Dinner 40
    Sarape (Inside) Dinner 100
    Dos Lunas (Inside) Dinner 120
  • Grand Oasis Sens
    Location Event Pax
    Sakura Terrace Appetizer 80
    Sakura Cocktail 150
    Sakura Dinner 100
    Schillabar Appetizer 200
    Schillabar Dinner 100
    Habitacion Bridal Cocktail 50
    Habitacion Bridal Dinner 50
    Moonlight Dinner 60
    Benazuza Dinner 50
    Benazuza Cocktail 80
    Sian Ka'an Beach Club Cocktail 60
  • The Pyramid at Grand Cancun & Grand Oasis Cancun
    Location Event Pax
    Ibiza Restaurant Dinner 100
    Terraza Gazebo Dinner 30
    Beach F2 Dinner 150
    Garden F2 Dinner 150
    Careyes Dinner 40
    Careyes Mezzanine Cocktail 60
    Careyes Terrace Cocktail 80
    Terrace Dinner 200
    Trattoria Terraza 1 Dinner 40
    Trattoria Terraza 2 Dinner 40
    Maria Bonita Dinner 50
    Maria Bonita Terrace Dinner 30
    Maria Bonita Terrace Cocktail 50
    Tunkul Terrace Dinner 50
    Tunkul Terrace Cocktail 50
    Sarape Salón Izquierdo Dinner 40
    Sarape Salón Derecho Dinner 30
    Sarape Salón Terrace Dinner 20
    Dos Lunas Terrace Dinner 50
    Dos Lunas Terraza Cubierta Dinner 50

Theme Parties

Pick a theme for the wedding of your dreams—luau, fiesta, toga party, Caribbean barbecue. Fun and festive, our theme parties are as unique as the love you share—and as fun and memorable, too!


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This is a request form only. To secure your wedding date and time, a $250 security deposit is required. This deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to your final wedding account balance.

Once submitted, your request will be reviewed by our team. If your selected date/time and location are available, we will process your security deposit and you will receive a confirmation email from one of our wedding coordinators regarding next steps.

If your chosen date/time and location are not available, your credit card will not be charged and a wedding coordinator will contact you to review other options.