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Your Oasis Wedding Coordinator is with you every step of the way, ready to help with every decision and answer any questions you have. We're here to make everything simple and take care of every detail, because a relaxed, confident, happy couple is the key to a perfect wedding day.

  • Ceremony & Reception

    What resort venues are available for my ceremony and reception?

    Venues will vary based on the Oasis resort you choose, but weddings can be held on the beach, on a terrace, in a garden, or in a chapel. Chapels are available at The Pyramid at Grand Cancun, Grand Oasis Cancun, The Sian Ka'an at Grand Tulum and Grand Oasis Tulum.

    Will guests who are not staying at the resort be able to attend the ceremony and reception?

    80% of guests must be staying at the resort where the wedding or vow renewal is scheduled; additional charges for guests not staying at the resort will apply. Guests staying at non-Oasis resorts are required to buy a day pass to access the Oasis resort where the wedding or vow renewal is taking place. If you have a private function, an additional supplement applies for guests not staying at the resort.

    Can I add enhancements to the wedding and vow renewal packages offered?

    We offer a variety of add-ons to customize your wedding including flowers, photography, music and more. These add-ons vary by resort - if you don't see what you're looking for at your chosen resort, ask an Oasis Wedding Specialist for assistance.

    How far in advance should the wedding couple arrive at the resort?

    If the couple has booked a civil/legal wedding they need to be at the resort with their four witnesses at least four business days prior to the ceremony. For vow renewals or symbolic ceremonies, the required time is at least two business days prior to the ceremony.

    Will the ceremony be performed in Spanish or English?

    The ceremony can be performed in Spanish or English depending on the couple's preference.

    Can I bring my own celebrant?

    For symbolic ceremonies you can choose to bring your own celebrant. Legal ceremonies are officiated by a justice of the peace from Mexico. Your choice of officiant/celebrant must be confirmed at time of booking and is subject to availability.

  • Legal Wedding Requirements

    What are the requirements for a legal wedding?

    • Four witnesses are required at the ceremony to sign the marriage certificate. Witnesses must be at least 18 years old at the time of the ceremony. Family members are permitted to be witnesses for the couple.
    • The wedding couple and four witnesses must arrive at the hotel four full business days prior to the ceremony (Saturday, Sunday, holidays, and ceremony date not included).
    • Valid passports and tourist cards of the wedding couple and four witnesses. The name on the tourist card and passport must be the same.
    • Each spouse must bring the following documents to Mexico:
      • Original birth certificate
      • Certified translation of the birth certificate into Spanish
      • Apostille for the translated birth certificate
    • Prenuptial blood test performed on-site at the hotel by a doctor, who will issue you a medical certificate.

    Are weddings performed at Oasis Hotels & Resorts valid in the United States?

    Yes. As long as the couple celebrates a civil wedding, the marriage is valid and official in any other country. Civil weddings are officiated by a justice of the peace and are legally recognized everywhere.

    Are same-sex weddings legally recognized in Cancun and Tulum?

    Yes! Same-sex marriages are legally recognized in the state of Quintana Roo. Oasis is proud to host the weddings of same-sex couples.

    Can I take my blood test in my country and bring the results when I meet the wedding coordinator?

    No, all blood tests must be performed by a doctor on-site at the hotel where the wedding is taking place. This is the only way to obtain the necessary medical certificate since the test results need to be in Spanish and are only valid for 15 days.

    What is a tourist card?

    A tourist card is a document given to all visitors entering Mexico for tourism purposes. If you are not a resident of Mexico, you will be given a tourist card on the plane or at the airport upon arrival.

    What is an Apostille?

    An Apostille is a certificate that authenticates the origin of another document (birth certificates, divorce decrees, adoption certificates, etc.). Apostilles are issued by a designated authority called a Competent Authority. You can find a list of Competent Authorities in your area here.

    What if my original birth certificate is already in Spanish?

    You will not need a certified translation, but you will still need to bring your original birth certificate along with an Apostille authenticating it.

    Can we send our documents to our Oasis resort by mail?

    No, but you can scan and load the documents into your online wedding planner once your reservation is confirmed so your Oasis Wedding Coordinator can better assist you. You will need to bring the original documents to Mexico with you.

    If I have been previously married, what do I need to marry someone new legally?

    If either spouse was previously married, or if either partner is widowed, copies of the Divorce Decree or Death Certificate, if applicable, will be required for presentation. Please consult an Oasis Wedding Specialist for details.

    If I have just been divorced, can I legally marry someone else immediately?

    Yes, the Mexican government no longer has restrictions on divorced couples.

    What if I don't have witnesses?

    The resort can provide witnesses for a nominal fee.


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